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Bringing a love and passion for working with clay

504 square feet is the size of my first home in Portland, Oregon. There was a studio space outside of the house and a large yard with a garden, but 504 square feet was the amount of space used in every day home life. When I moved into the small 504 square foot home I had to decide what to keep and what to donate or sell, and it’s when I really began to consider the quality and meaning of each of the objects in my home; because to decide to keep an item meant that I touched it every day. So, when I decided to start a business creating ceramic work, 504 Square Feet seemed to be an appropriate name. 504 Square Feet Studio offers work from local and regional artists that I hope you will not just use to drink out of or serve food in or decorate your home. I offer work that I hope you love and cherish. If you have 504 square feet to live in or 5,400 square feet, your home should be filled with objects that enhance the experience of living. — Cassy Crafton


Stop by to check out work from several local and regional potters.

We have space for small classes and workshops in our current studio.

Before the new studio the owner, Cassy Crafton, worked out of her garage.

Here’s the greenhouse studio where I started the business.

In the beginning my kitchen was often full of orders to be finished.

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